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Authentication of Coffeea Arabica genetics using DNA fingerprinting technology.


“Coffee is the future of Yemen and Yemenis”.

Cup profile:

Cherry Cola / Golden Raisin / Dark Chocolate / Silky / Tea Like

the story behind the coffee

Ali is 70 years old, and lives in Wadi Jannat, in the Ibb Governorate. Some of Ali’s favourite memories of his father are of when he was helping him on the farm. Although he worked in Saudi Arabia for 10 years, he was always home during the summer, to lend a hand.
After his father died, Ali took full responsibility for the farm. He expanded it greatly, planting more than 450 new seedlings, and now his farm has some 1000 coffee trees. Ali only grows coffee on his farm, and spends most of his days tending to his trees.
Ali has a 35-year-old son who works in Saudi Arabia, and when his son comes to visit him, he helps him on the farm, just as he did with his father.

the region of Baadan

Wadi Jannet is a small village in the Badan region in the governorate of Ibb. Badan is one of the most well-known regions in Ibb. It is known for its mild weather throughout the year and endless green landscapes. The region of Badan is made up of numerous villages, like Wadi Jannat, which all share similar characteristics in terms of environment and culture. Agriculture is at the heart of these communities, and a variety of crops are grown such as coffee, corn, wheat, and various fruit and vegetables. Qima Coffee works with around 200 coffee farmers from Badan. The fertile soil and rainy weather provide the coffee trees with the perfect environment to produce exquisite coffee.


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