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Authentication of Coffeea Arabica genetics using DNA fingerprinting technology.


“I will do all my best to produce the highest quality coffee".

Cup profile:

Blueberry / Red Apple / Rose Hips / Brown Sugar / Cacao / Black Tea

the story behind the coffee

Akram is from the village of Qabal in Ibb and is 25 years-old. He has been growing coffee for a long time, mostly to provide for his family, to give them the financial support they need. Before he began working with Qima, he really struggled to provide for his family - his brother suffers from a psychological condition and needs regular medicine, which Akram couldn’t always afford. Qima has changed their life.
The biggest challenge Akram faces when growing coffee are the diseases, which he battles hard to fight.
Akram hopes to expand his farm and increase his coffee production.

the region of Alqafr

Qabal is a small village in the Alqafr region in the governorate of Ibb, with a population of around 700 people. It is known for its multitude of springs, just under 100, which the people use for both farming and as a source of drinking water. The name Qabal translates to “ability”. The village gets this name because the land has the ability to grow any type of crop. Farming families here grow a wide variety of crops including coffee, grain, corn, qat, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and peaches. In the past, the majority of farming families were mainly interested in growing grains but now this interest has moved to coffee. Coffee farming has become so popular that some of the locals are even planting coffee in the gardens of their homes. Ibb is also known as the ‘fertile province’, thanks to the wonderful soils which allow the growth of many fruit and vegetables.


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