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Authentication of Coffeea Arabica genetics using DNA fingerprinting technology.


“Coffee is the treasure of Yemen and farmers”.

Cup profile:

Raspberry Jam / Vanilla / Watermelon / Sugar / Rose

the story behind the coffee

Muhammad Alsahami is 48 years-old and has five sons. When he was a child, he always helped his father on the farm. And in return, was given coffee to sell. Muhammad’s dream was to be a teacher, and this is what he studied. However, after the situation in Yemen after the war, he had to leave his job and work as a coffee farmer on his family’s farm - it now makes up 80% of the family income.
He and seven other family members work on the farm, growing coffee, grain, pomegranate, peach and almond. Coffee is by far the biggest, with over 1000 trees!
While Muhammad still faces problems such as rough roads when transferring coffee from his farm, he is proud of his coffee and hopes it will one day be famous all over the world. Especially with the backing of Qima, who he says sells his coffee at a fair price.

the region of Haraaz

Bait Alganis is a historical village in the region of Masar, Haraaz. It is home to around 400 people and is well known for its coffee growing ability and traditions. During the harvest season there is always an electrifying atmosphere in the village, with farmers excited and eager to begin. This wonderful tradition reflects an aspect of harmony in the tight-knit community as men, women and children all gather in the fields together during this time. Cherry-picking is accompanied by the singing of agricultural songs; representing the joy of harvest beginning. <br> Haraaz is known as one of Sana’a best and oldests coffee growing communities, with over 1,500 coffee farming families. Over 90% of all the crops grown in Haraaz are coffee, making it Yemen’s largest coffee growing region.


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