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Authentication of Coffeea Arabica genetics using DNA fingerprinting technology.


“Never give up growing coffee, it’s the key to a better future for our generations”.

Cup profile:

Cherry / Passion Fruit / Caramel Molasses / Sugar Cane

the story behind the coffee

Abdulsalam learnt everything he knows about growing coffee from his father. He started working alongside his father at just 10 years-old, learning about how to plant, water and pick coffee cherries. Now, 30 years-old, Abdulsalam is always looking to further his knowledge about coffee, attending educational coffee cultivation programmes and workshops.
As a young boy, Abdulsalam dreamt of becoming a pilot but as the oldest son in the family, it was his responsibility to take care of his parents and brothers as they got older. With the money he makes from the farm, Abdulsalam supports his brothers so that they can complete their studies.
Alongside coffee, Abdulsalam grows grain and qat. He has 498 coffee trees, which has grown greatly over the last few years, as he planted 150 new seedlings.

the region of Hayma Kharijiya

Bait Alal is a village in the region of Hayma Kharijiya, on the west side of Sana’a City. Perched on a mountain top, it has an altitude of 2300 metres and is home to some 300 farming families. The farmers in Bait Alal see the coffee tree as a symbol of pride and they believe that coffee originated from this area. The land has been passed down through the generations, with some of the coffee trees dating back over three hundred years. Due to a harsh climate, the farmers face many growing difficulties, which is one of the reasons for low yields being produced. However, no matter how small the harvest is or how harsh the conditions, the farmers never abandon their coffee trees. Bait Alal is also home to Al Ruwad, Yemen’s largest and most established specialty coffee cooperative, serving 285 families – the equivalent of around 2000 people.


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