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Authentication of Coffeea Arabica genetics using DNA fingerprinting technology.


“Coffee is a fortune and treasure”.

Cup profile:

Apricot / Stoned Fruit / Jasmine Honeysuckle / Sapodilla / Black Tea / Cookie Dough

the story behind the coffee

Daris is from Bait Sel, in the region of Hayma Dakhiliyah. He grew up in a family famous for growing coffee and ever since he was fifteen he wanted to become a famous farmer like his grandfather. He loved working on the farm with his grandfather, taking care of the crops and picking the cherries. Daris learnt many valuable lessons from his grandfather, the most important of which was making sure to water the coffee tree regularly - which isn’t easy when one of the biggest challenges he faces is the shortage of water.
Daris and his family depend on growing coffee; it is the main source of income. And luckily, thanks to his grandfather’s hard work, his farm is famous for the production of high quality coffee.
Daris is proud to be one of the best farmers in the region and is excited to improve and increase his coffee yield.
He can’t wait for the harvest season - he still loves to pick the cherries with his family!

the region of Hayma Dakhiliya

Bait Sel is an ancient village in the region of Hayma Dakhiliya, west of Sona’a. About 800 people live in Bait Sel, with 33 families growing coffee - it may be small but it’s famous for fine coffees. In Hayma Dakhiliya some 400 families farm coffee. Alongside coffee, as well as corn, potatoes and qat. The villages are found high in the mountains at an altitude of 2,200 metres. The weather is mild and rainy in the summer months, and cold in winter. But this is what gives the coffee farmers such fertile soil, rich in minerals and plenty of aquifers. It is believed that some of the coffee trees are over 100 years old. The trees have adapted to the harsh mountainous environment and continue to produce high-quality coffee with fresh, fruity hints.


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