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Authentication of Coffeea Arabica genetics using DNA fingerprinting technology.


"Coffee is life. It is the treasure of my forefathers".

Cup profile:

Sweet Dark Purple Fruit / Apple Pie / White Flower / Honeyed / Toffee / Velvety

the story behind the coffee

Ghalib is from Shurafa, in Haraaz. He is one of the best farmers in the area, learning everything he knows from his father. And in turn, he is teaching his children, who now help him on the farm too.
To Ghalib, coffee is life. Each day, after breakfast, he goes to his farm early to take care of his coffee. He is always looking for ways to improve the quality of his coffee and is keen on using natural manure and integrating the practices and lessons he learnt from his father.
He has already planted more than 200 new seedlings but Ghalib hopes to expand his farm ever further - although to do this he needs to have a permanent source of water.
Despite the challenges he faces when growing coffee, Ghalib tries to find solutions to the problems. He advises farmers to take care of coffee trees and deal with it with love. He says: “A coffee tree is a faithful tree. The more you give your coffee, the more it gives you”.

the region of Haraaz

Shurafah is a village in Haraaz, a mountainous, ancient region in the governorate of Sana’a. Haraaz is known as one of Sana’a best and oldests coffee growing communities, with over 1,500 coffee farming families. The area has lush valleys and highlands where many different types of crops are grown. However, coffee remains the most important. The stratospheric altitudes, where the coffee is grown, adds to the unique flavour profile of Haraazi coffee and the farmers believe that the coffee is so distinctive because of the region’s fertile soil. Over 90% of all the crops grown in Haraaz are coffee, making it Yemen’s largest coffee growing region.


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