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Authentication of Coffeea Arabica genetics using DNA fingerprinting technology.


Cup profile:

Lychee / Morello Cherries / Peach / Elderflower / Nougat / Honey

the story behind the coffee

Ahmed is 60 years-old and has spent the majority of his life growing coffee. When he was young, his father encouraged Ahmed to learn and understand how to grow the best coffee, with the ambition that one day, Ahmed would take over responsibility of the farm. And he did just that.
Ahmed now has some 500 trees on his farm, and he also grows grain too. Helping him tend to his crops are 12 wonderful family members.
Although farming coffee is no easy feat, Ahmed admits that when he sees the bright red coffee cherries on the trees, he is filled with joy and all the hardships of the year are forgotten. Coffee is truly his love. He hopes that one day, his sons will grow and expand the farm, making it even better than it is now.

the region of Hayma Kharijiya

Bait Alal is a village in the region of Hayma Kharijiya, on the west side of Sana’a City. Perched on a mountain top, it has an altitude of 2300 metres and is home to some 300 farming families. The farmers in Bait Alal see the coffee tree as a symbol of pride and they believe that coffee originated from this area. The land has been passed down through the generations, with some of the coffee trees dating back over three hundred years. Due to a harsh climate, the farmers face many growing difficulties, which is one of the reasons for low yields being produced. However, no matter how small the harvest is or how harsh the conditions, the farmers never abandon their coffee trees. Bait Alal is also home to Al Ruwad, Yemen’s largest and most established specialty coffee cooperative, serving 285 families – the equivalent of around 2000 people.


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