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Slow Dried

Authentication of Coffeea Arabica genetics using DNA fingerprinting technology.


“Take care of your coffee as it is Yemen wealth after oil”.

Cup profile:

Honeyed Melon / Baked Peach / Caramel / Hazelnut

the story behind the coffee

Saleh has lived in Haraaz his whole life. He started his journey with coffee 25 years ago, when he used to go to local coffee markets and see how coffee merchants were marketing their coffee - it was this that inspired him to start his own business in growing coffee.
Saleh spends most of his time on the farm taking care of his coffee, visiting twice a day, in the morning and afternoon - his children are always around to help them.
One of the biggest challenges that Saleh faces is the shortage of water, as well as rough roads. But despite the challenges, he is working hard to produce the best Yemeni coffee. As a solution for the problem of water, he has built water barriers.
In the future, Saleh hopes to buy even more land so that he can expand his coffee growing business

the region of Haraaz

Akamat Sheiban is a small village on the ledge of a rocky mountain, in the region of Haraaz. There are just 200 people living in the village, and there are just 15 coffee farming families and 55 coffee trees. Haraaz is known as one of Sana’a best and oldests coffee growing communities, with over 1,500 coffee farming families. Over 90% of all the crops grown in Haraaz are coffee, making it Yemen’s largest coffee growing region - Akamat Sheiban is just one small village of many.


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