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Authentication of Coffeea Arabica genetics using DNA fingerprinting technology.


“Coffee is the present and the future”.

Cup profile:

Black Currant / Jasmine / Plum / Tropical Fruit / Panela / Syrupy / Bright & Lingering

the story behind the coffee

Coffee farmer Hifthallah Alhaymi is just 20 years of age and owns a farm in Hayma Kharijiya, on the west side of Sana’a City. Hifthallah’s most important crop is coffee, however, alongside this he also grows qat and corn. When he was just a young boy, Hifthallah worked on the farm with his father and brothers, however, a few years ago they left him to work on a farm in Sana’a City, growing vegetables.
With a wife and two children, Hifthallah knew it was up to him to take over the day-to-day running of the farm and ensure he grew the best coffee he could. While he was a little nervous at first, his mother stood by him and supported him, helping him to become one of the best farmers in the village. He spends most of his time tending to the coffee trees, and his mother is always there to help him water and pick the cherries. He sometimes also calls in the assistance of local labourers.

the region of Hayma Kharijiya

Located on the west side of Sana’a City, Hayma Kharijiya is a popular region for growing coffee, with some 1,000 families growing it - mostly at an altitude of 1700-2100 masl. Known for its mild weather, fresh air and chain of mountains known as the Navy Blue Mountains (due to the colour), the air is so clear that you can stand anywhere on the mountain and see all the regions: Bani Matar to the east, Al-Hayma Al Dakhiliyah to the north, Manakhah to the west, and Dhamar to the south. The Sana’a governorate has the biggest share of specialty coffee production, in both quality and quantity in Yemen - you will see its name on many premium coffees stemming from Yemen. It is also home to Yemen’s capital city, which has one of the longest continuous coffee cultures in the world.


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